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SwissJass Pro

5 usd

SwissJass is the most popular Jass app for Android with over 200'000 downloads.SwissJass is the only Jass app with full multiplayer functionality.
Play the Swiss national card game on your smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever you want.Play Schieber, Coiffeur, Differenzler against the computer or via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or online with other players.No additional in-app purchases or subscriptions. All functions are always available and unlimited.
SwissJass offers the following functions: - SCHIEBER - Single, Double, Undenufe/Obenabe, Slalom - Any trump factor - With/Without declarations - Target points can be freely set
- DIFFERENZLER - Target points can be freely set
- Swiss French/Swiss German cards
- Learning Mode -Trump counter - Display of the master cards in the trick - Display of the master cards in your own hand - Go back to former tricks - Game tips - Display of the strongest card in the trick - Display of the winning card in the trick - Display of playable cards - Display of the trick points
- General game settings - Auto continue - Game speed - Choose how to play the cards (drag-and-drop or touch) - Animated cards on/off
- Google Play Games - Achievements -Leaderboards (Coiffeur and Differenzler)
- Play online with other users
- Game state save
- Languages German, English and French
- Password-protected online rooms (Pro version).
- Bluetooth / WIFI-Multiplayer (Pro version).
- Ad-free (Pro version).
The official Swiss rules of Jass are applied.